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Marzipan is original, handmade jewellery from South Africa. 
Owners and sisters in law Shelley and Karyn Walters have redefined the concept of costume jewellery with their bold, quirky and eclectic designs. Inspired by color, texture, craft, trends, history and life, each piece is made with passion and worn with love. Marzipan, don’t eat it.

Initially they sourced community projects to help with beading production but eventually they set up office in Simons Town and found the talented beader Miss Veronica Tom who has been with them since 2003.

They source beads and materials from all over the world and also locally. The semi-precious stones are all tumbled and drilled locally; they are not shipped to China for cutting and drilling like most semi-precious stones on the market which is an important aspect of their business. Local is Lekker!  The semi-precious stones that they use are majorly sourced in Southern Africa.  Agate (Botswana) Amethyst (Namibia and Zambia) Red and Yellow Jasper, Tigers Eye (South Africa) They also use handmade clay beads from Earth Butter Beads, an initiative started by Desiree Malan to uplift and create jobs and skills in her community. Each clay bead is hand rolled and therefore unique.


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